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Melfi Electric Inc. is a family-owned electrical contractor based out of Hamilton, ON. I offer comprehensive electrical and lighting solutions for residential clients while offering the latest in green technology. 

In addition, I install panel boxes, fixtures, fans, and so much more. I am qualified to plan, design, install and maintain lighting and electrical systems, while providing responsive service. At Melfi Electric Inc. offering quality and efficiency is what I strive for. Let me light your way!

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Panel Replacement

Your electrical panel is the single, most important piece of electrical safety equipment in your home. In fact, it is the heart of your home’s entire electrical system.

There are a number of reasons why your electric panel may need to be replaced. The most often is outdated technology (fuses), worn out or damaged breakers or panel box, and not enough circuits for current needs (renovations and additions). Homes with fuse panels are becoming scarce as people upgrade to the much safer breaker system. If you still have a fuse panel, not only is it outdated and unsafe, but it is usually undersized for a home’s needs and often uninsurable.

Whatever your reason for replacing your electrical panel, Melfi Electric Inc. are here to help.

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Wiring Inspections

There are two main reasons you may need an inspection of your electrical system:

  1. If you are asking “Is my wiring safe?”
  2. If your insurance company is asking “Is your wiring safe?”

Without being a qualified electrician, you can be apprehensive of the unknown. Melfi Electric Inc. are here to remove that stress. When I complete your electrical inspection you will have a clear picture of the health of your whole electrical system – head to toe.

Your home’s wiring must be done according to the Electrical Safety Code – which is a clear set of rules, not guidelines. It directs how electrical work must be performed in Ontario. This code ensures that your home’s wiring is safe to use, safe for visitors and is not at risk for electrical fire. The older your home, the higher the probability that wiring has been added after it was originally wired. Many times, these wiring additions have not been done safely or professionally. Count on Melfi Electric Inc. to do the work with pride, while putting safety in every stride. 

A faulty wire can be dire, call us today!

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Residential Lighting

Experienced across a wide range of household electrical systems and technology.

Let our team help you with your residential electrical installation, from lighting design and electrical layouts to accent and mood lighting, no job is too big or small. We take pride in providing excellent service to our customers, while providing extensive residential electrical experience and knowledge. The safety and efficiency of your home is important to us. Let us help you achieve all your electrical designs and needs through our outstanding quality service and competitive rates.

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